Una razón más para preferir tecnología PRELOVED y electrónica circular!!

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At Vertmonde we developed the RE circular electronics program to promote the use of PRE LOVED equipment knowing that reusing IT technology is better for the environment than acquiring new technology. After all, in recent years (led by Dame Ellen Patricia MacArthur) there has been a lot of talk about the circular economy , which proposes 9 strategies, ranging from reducing consumption and production, to recycling waste, through reuse. , remanufacturing, repurposing, among others.

But beyond the fact that it is a trend and common sense, it is necessary to be able to demonstrate, and above all, quantify the negative environmental impacts that the reuse of technological equipment can avoid. The quantification is usually carried out with a study of the life cycle of the products (in all phases of their life), and some main factors such as CO2 emission, the use of raw materials, the use of water, and obviously e-waste generation .


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In 2022, ADEME of France published a complete and global study, which finally allows us to quantify the negative environmental impacts that we are avoiding with our Circular Electronics RE program in Ecuador, and the results are spectacular (much more than we imagined!) They are a great tool that will allow us to motivate the change of consumption habits to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle.

How much REAL pollution can we avoid?


The conclusion of the study is simple and decisive: refurbished technological equipment has a significantly lower impact on the environment compared to new products.

The greatest reduction in impacts occurs in terms of the consumption of raw materials (because almost no new ones are consumed) and in the use of water; followed by the reduction of e-waste generation (because almost no waste is generated) and the reduction of the carbon footprint (even considering the logistics required for reuse)

environmental impacts of reused vs. new equipment

The study considers that smartphones have a “first life” of 3 years, and 2 more years in their “second life” as reusable equipment. In the case of computers, consider that the first life is 5 years and the second life is 3 additional years.

In the case of cell phones, the consumption of PRE LOVED equipment reduces CO2 generation by 92%; and 89% reduction for laptops and desktops. The study considers the change of parts and components that is normally required in a remanufacturing process.



The data from the ADEME study is incredibly hopeful for the future of circular electronics. We want to make REfix and REuse trendy again! And these results commit us much more to a cause that is not a trend, but an obligation. Even with the highest impact part and component change, the vast majority of refurbished devices have far less impact on the environment.


We know that new equipment has its charm, but we like it much better when it is PRE LOVED , because it is objectively better for the planet (science says so!). This is the way we can RE define our relationship with technology; and with such a simple choice we achieve a gigantic positive effect.


PS: (Thanks ADEME for giving us this wonderful information)